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Web Development

While many companies only offer templated websites, we offer custom coded websites. The advantage? Custom coded sites are easier to maintain, easier to read, and you can transfer it anywhere. Why do something only for today, when you can plan for tomorrow.

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TriLeaf Designs is proud to custom code all of its sites. We offer coding in HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, PHP, and WordPress, just to name a few. All of our sites are created by professional programmers. Our custom-coded sites work on all browsers, run faster, experience fewer problems, and offer greater optimization options. The best part is that you can transfer the code, created for you by TriLeaf Designs, to any hosting service. If you should desire to take your services elsewhere TriLeaf Designs will assist you in seeing that all the pertinent information is transferred properly. Another thing that sets us apart is our lack of monthly maintenance fees. All maintenance is paid on an as-needed basis; keeping more money in your pocket.

Price listing comming soon. Call us at 314-753-5323 or email us at for price and package information.

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