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Content Management System

Why pay someone else to change your site, when you can do it yourself. A content management system will allow you to edit, and update your website at your convenience.

Content Management Systems (CMS) allow our clients to edit their sites from the comfort of their home or business. TriLeaf Designs offers two packages, a high end and a low end. The low end supports Wordpress, Drumla, and Druple, to name a few. The high end is a custom design that works through PHP, allowing several more editing options. TriLeaf Designs can also create content management systems for existing websites. We offer either full-site editing or less-expensive, limited editing options. For example if you would like to be able to edit a monthly coupon. If you let us know what you need your site to do, we can instruct it to allow you to do that. With all our CMS sites we offer one hour of free training. Additional training can be bought at any time. Unlike some companies, we do not charge monthly maintenance fees. If you need changes to your CMS we charge a very affordable per-edit cost. This unique policy offers you the services of TriLeaf's expert support team, without charging you an arm and a leg.

Price listing comming soon. Call us at 314-753-5323 or email us at for price and package information.

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