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QR Coding

With one scan we can guide your customers to make the right choice for you.

qr code marketing

qr code creation Quick Response Codes (QR Codes) are two-dimensional images, similar to that of a bar code you would see at any retail store. They can store much more information than the aforementioned bar codes and when used effectively can stream line your customers to your preferred point of action.

What can you do with QR Codes?

We can link the code to any

  • Webpage
  • Contact form
  • Directions
  • Video
  • Coupon
  • Registration form
  • Event details
  • Newsletter

With just a few seconds and a smart phone one anyone can be transformed from an interested bystander to a potential customer or contact.

We can add QR code to your website, online profile, business card, flyer, rack card or product package to bring your customers one step closer to doing business with you.

Price listing comming soon. Call us at 314-753-5323 or email us at for price and package information.

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