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Drip Marketing

Slow and Steady Wins the Customer. A three pronged marketing strategy that connects with your contacts through a coordinated series of Email Newsletters, Phone Calls, and Direct Mail.

The Drip Marketing Plan (DMP) is a three part marketing strategy that will give you access to lists of potential contacts and all of their information. With this information we initiate contact in three different forms; post cards, email newsletters, and phone calls. Maintaining a constant presence with potential customers or clients without overbearing them is important.

Post Card

  • Can use stock images or have an image custom designed.
  • Sent through mail and include URl to a personalized landing page for each recipient.

Email Newsletter

  • Automated newsletter sent to group of lead sets.
  • Information sent back to you regarding open date of email and links clicked.

Phone Calls

  • Phone calls made by you. Trileaf Designs may assist with the scripts.
  • Trileaf Designs can make the calls at an additional charge.

The more potential customer touches, views or hears your message the more likely you are to close on their business. Drip Marketing allows you to maximize the amount of touches you get without overwhelming your prospects. Be informative, not intrusive.

This is just an example of our most popular Drip Marketing Plan. Our packages are completely customizable to fit the needs of your business.

Price listing comming soon. Call us at 314-753-5323 or email us at for price and package information.

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