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Packaging and Products

Packaging is one of the primary factors that encourage customers to purchase your products. A well-designed package or product will guarantee greater purchases which will encourage your brands proliferation across the market.

Rx Systems Packaging designed by trileaf designs Ascend Bottle Labels designed by trileaf designs Bass Pro Shops Privy Shelter Packaging designed by trileaf designs Ambroshia Wine Labels designed by trileaf designs OTA Event Flyer T-Shirts designed by trileaf designs Puma Bear Knife Packaging designed by trileaf designs

TriLeaf Designs offers several services for packaging design, creating graphics for pre-existing packaging, designing the packages themselves, industrial design, product design, product specifications, mockups and presentations. The owner of TriLeaf Designs has background in packaging design and enjoys working on packaging projects, as such clients are guaranteed a designer who understands the unique processes and problems presented in packaging design. TriLeaf designs not only has experience designing exciting original packaging for our client that will jump off of the shelf, but also offers to work with factories on the production aspects of the product by providing product specifications, communicating with management etc.

TriLeaf Designs offers many different packages to suit your designing needs and budget. Below are examples of the different packages we offer. If you have any questions on the pricing, you are welcome to call us at 314-753-5323.

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