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Marketing Materials

The average person receives a lot of marketing material, from junk mail to flyers the pickup themselves. TriLeaf Designs' unique design process will guarantee that your marketing materials are the ones your customers will remember.

OTA Event Flyer and Poster designed by trileaf designs Plato's Closet Mall Employee Flyer designed by trileaf designs Waterproof Solutions Rack Card designed by trileaf designs forest park stl balloon race poster designed by trileaf designs NSV Brochure designed by trileaf designs CLB Postcard designed by trileaf designs

The proper use of marketing materials in an integral part of any business, marketing materials consist of Rack Cards, Brochures, Flyers, Ads, Door Hangars etc. In order to optimize the effectiveness you must understand that different marketing materials are most effective in different situations. For example rack cards are for potential customers who want to obtain basic information, whereas brochures are for customers who are determining which of your services they want to request. TriLeaf Designs offers a comprehensive knowledge of how to use marketing materials most effectively, as well as making certain that your unique identity is translated into every piece of material you hand out. Best of all we will talk, and brainstorm with any company for no charge. Come hear our ideas for yourself.

TriLeaf Designs offers many different packages to suit your designing needs and budget. Below are examples of the different packages we offer. If you have any questions on the pricing, you are welcome to call us at 314-753-5323.

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