TriLeaf Designs: Serving the Community

All TriLeaf Designs LLC team members are encouraged to give back to the community, and we provide our team members with a variety of opportunities to give their time, talent and treasure throughout the year. Individual giving and volunteerism efforts help individuals, families, and communities who are in need. These efforts are celebrated by the company and the team.

The decision to be an environmentally friendly company was an easy one; and one of our first decisions as an organization! In the years since, we've maintained our commitment to the environment. As a "green" company, we constantly work to ensure our business practices have very little impact on the environment. We are not just environmentally conscious, but environmentally friendly. As a company, we decided in 2010 to adopt a section of the Ozark Trail. This particular kind of service is fun for us and good for the environment. We donate our time as a team to clean up and maintain the natural beauty of the Ozark Trail. We also provide opportunities for and encourage our team members to participate in other trail maintenance outings. Our team goes on an annual camping trip designed to bring the team together while helping the environment.

One of the ways we promote the community is offering service days for our team members when they participate in a pre-approved community service or volunteer event. Service Days can be earned through the year through our Service Projects. This provides our team members with the opportunity to spend a working day giving back to the community. It is our belief that such Service Days boost team member morale and enhance the relationship TriLeaf Designs and our team members have with our community.

We are always growing and expanding our community outreach. If you know of, have ideas, or want to set up an additional outreach program just let us know. We are always looking for great ideas and a way to further give back to our community. Like our mission statement says, "Our goal is to leave everything we touch better than we found it... Outside the office we are focused on giving back to our local communities whether it is through community service, and cleaning up trails and streams. At TriLeaf Designs we truly care about you, your company and the places we all call home."

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