Ozark Trail Association's Adopt-A-Trail Program

TriLeaf Designs works very closely with the Ozark Trail Association (OTA) to ensure the beauty of the environment that encompasses the majority of southern and central Missouri. The OTA works hard to maintain the structure and integrity of the Ozark Trails with hopes to ensure a lasting refuge for for outdoor enthusiasts. Their Adopt-A-Trail program is a volunteer program that provides opportunities for hikers, bicyclists, equestrians and lovers of the outdoors to maintain a portion of the Ozark Trail. Being an eco friendly company founded by an avid outdoorswoman it is safe to say that we fully support the OTA’s mission. The mission is "To develop, maintain, preserve, promote, and protect the rugged natural beauty of the Ozark Trail."

The OTA offers volunteer work both on and off the trail. If you don’t think sawing logs or clearing brush is your cup of tea they can get you set up helping out with events, feeding volunteers, maintaining equipment, etc.

The OTA is only about work, they like to play too. Besides taking advantage of this great recreational resource on your own, you can join the OTA on some organized fun events. Every year they hold events that combine trail work with different events, activities, and entertainment. The OTA website is a great resource for information on the conditions of different trails, safety tips, event information, volunteer information and they even have a tool that can help you plan your trip into the beautiful Ozark trail.

Please like them on their Facebook Page and check out their website for more information on how you can enjoy and improve the Ozark Trails.

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