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Are you a Non-For Profit organization looking to gain exposure or promote an upcoming event?

At TriLeaf Designs we believe that giving a little extra for the benefit of our community is a no brainer. If a little bit of our time and effort can make a difference then we have no problem lending a helping hand. With this thought in mind we decided to provide free Social Media blasts and marketing consultations to the organizations that make this community great.

Every week we write a blog on different ways individuals can help out in the community. We will give an overview of the organization, highlight and event coming up and provide instructions on how to help out. We also post about the events full spectrum across our social media. This includes our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, our newsletter, and our blog. If someone is looking at us they will now see you. Once a month we also post a Non-profit showcase blog that spotlights a service organization that has contacted us or that we have done work for. We highlight the ways the organization helps, shine a light on its mission and spread the word of how others can help.

We believe it is important to give these exceptional organizations the exposure they deserve. While we may not be able to offer up a large monetary donation, we dedicate our time and efforts to help those that help others.

Are you a non-profit or an eco-friendly company?

We want to help you!