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Straight From the Interns' Mouth!

trileaf intern Lauren Schaefer

Lauren Schaefer

Graphic Design Intern | Spring 2013

"I am very grateful to have been an intern at TriLeaf Designs. Rachel and her team are very good at what they do. It gave me the confirmation that I have found what I really want to do with my life. I really hope to be in similar shoes like Rachel down the road."

trileaf intern craila nixon

Craila Nixon

Business Intern | Summer 2011

"I really enjoyed interning at TriLeaf Designs. I was able to gain experience to begin my career while also working and attending school full time. My internship was also one of the main reasons my company hired me straight out of college."

trileaf intern jen-ebenrick

Jen Ebenrick

Graphic Design Intern | Fall 2010

"I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to be an intern at TriLeaf Designs. The real-world experience that I gained in such a short period of time is amazing, and I would not be where I am today if I had not began my professional career there."

trileaf intern myranda harnage

Myranda Harnage

Graphic Design Intern | Spring 2012

"My experience at Trileaf Designs has been invaluable. I feel like I have grown, not just as a designer, but as a person. I was able to receive real world knowledge of my field which is something that school just cannot give you. I highly recommend this internship to any graphic designer."

trileaf intern vicki viehman

Vicki Viehman

Web Programming Intern | Spring 2012

"I learned a lot of new programs and the experience I gained at Tri Leaf not only helped me with my college classes, but better prepared me to work with other companies in the future."

trileaf intern juan ignacio muscarsel

Juan Ignacio Muscarsel

Graphic Design Intern | Spring 2010

"TriLeaf Designs really helped me become confident about myself, my knowledge, and my skills to become a good designer. Having the chance to work with Rachel and other interns was a very useful experience. The work environment was great and also the opportunity to work for clients gives you a real-life idea of what you will be doing for the upcoming years. During those months at TriLeaf I learned those things you don't learn during college. I strongly recommend it for you."

trileaf intern katerine bangert

katherine bangert

Web Programming Intern | Spring 2012

"My internship at TriLeaf was amazing. I learned so much from Rachel and Le-Andris. I have learned more than I thought and have progressed my skills more than I imagined. The internship has secured my spot at the top of my classes and helped my chances of being the best that I can be."

trileaf intern Anna Kim

Anna Kim

Graphic Design Intern | Fall 2011

"This internship was my first real world experience in the United States and it has driven me to the next stage for the real world. I developed my portfolio and learned so much about logos, marketing, and website designs."

trileaf intern Alex Miller

Alex Miller

Web Programming Intern | Fall 2009

"I thought it was a great experience, it had the professionalism and knowledge of a corporate setting with the flexibility and openness of a small company. I was challenged daily with learning new technologies and finding new more interactive ways to do old techniques."

trileaf intern Carolyn Druley

Carolyn Druley

Marketing Intern | Summer 2011

"Every individual I met through interning at TriLeaf Designs has made an impact on me personally and helped with my professional growth. My internship is one I will never forget, I learned a lot about Marketing and professional networking."

trileaf intern Dan Goeke

Dan Goeke

Marketing Intern | Spring 2011

"Working at TriLeaf was great. It gave me real world experience and helped me meet some great people. I feel that this sort of program is important because employers value real world experience above most qualifications and TriLeaf Designs is one of the few places in the Saint Louis area that provides young graduates the opportunities they need to succeed in the workplace."

TriLeaf Designs' Internship Guidelines

TriLeaf Designs' internships are temporary. The Intern is not entitled to a job at the conclusion of the internship. This internship is set for 15 hours per week for a four month period. Schedules are somewhat flexible. If something comes up, Interns have the opportunity to work another weekday in exchange for a scheduled day. Once the schedule has been posted it should be adhered to, and all changes must be approved by a member of the management team. Scheduling and communication of schedule changes from management will only be done through the online calendar, not through individual-owned technology such as mobile phones.

Each Intern is assigned to a current employee who has expertise, education and/or a professional background in the field of experience in which the Intern is interested. Supervisors are responsible for projects, growth and routine feedback of the intern along with conducting a two month review and the exit interview at the close of the internship period.

To the best of our ability, and within our time restraints, TriLeaf Designs will work around school, job and family obligations. TriLeaf Designs understands that some of these outside tasks might overlap the work of TriLeaf Designs. Based on our educational model, TriLeaf Designs is happy to be of assistance and provide feedback on any outside work. Any work that comes up that is in conflict with the Non-Compete agreement, which the Intern will sign prior to starting the internship, is required to be disclosed up front before started.

TriLeaf Designs, LLC will provide the Intern with resources, appropriate office supplies, and facilities to support the learning objectives and goals of the Intern; however, the Intern shall be responsible for obtaining essential tools and materials required for performance of the tasks agreed to such as a portable computer and appropriate software.

Even though Interns are provided a desk and space to work within our facility the internship program is before all structured around academic growth. Interns will not perform routine work assignments that would normally be performed by a TriLeaf Designs' Employee or profit generating tasks unless it is critical to their experience and professional growth. Under this criterion, the Intern will complete tasks which produce skills that can be used in multiple employment settings and provide the Intern with real world office training and experience. If at any time the Intern is not comfortable, or feels what they are asked to do is outside their educational scope, they are highly encouraged to talk with their Supervisor or the Founder of TriLeaf Designs Rachel Boone.

The Internship Program is developed to work within the University system and drives students to receive school credit first and foremost. TriLeaf Designs takes extra steps to work closely with Universities to make sure the internship is an extension of the individual's educational experience. If credit is not obtainable either through their program, or because of graduation, acceptation will be made with the emphasis that the internship is an educational experience geared toward a meaningful learning experience in the intern's area of study.

It is important that Interns experience a true working environment. In that spirit, Interns are subjected to the same dress code and standards of conduct as Employees. Most will be laid out during the Intern's on-boarding and the rest are in the TriLeaf Handbook. If a policy is broken, a warning will be issued before any further action is taken. Any questions about policies should be directed to an Intern's Supervisor or the Founder of TriLeaf Designs Rachel Boone.

It is very important to us that Interns take interest in their own personal development and understand that experiences through which they can apply their academic knowledge in work settings is a vital component of their college education. With that in mind, Interns are encouraged to suggest projects and voice skills they would like to learn. TriLeaf Designs will do their best to provide opportunities to expand the Intern's knowledge while creating projects that fit their development needs. The Intern understands that those do not just relate to their industry but also to being part of an office environment as a whole. Even though the internship includes actual operation of the TriLeaf Designs' facility it is set up to be similar to training that would be given in a vocational school.

TriLeaf Designs' Internship Program is second to the daily workings of TriLeaf Designs. At no time will the work of an Intern displace that of a regular Employee. At times their work will be supplementary and under the close supervision of an existing staff member under the basis of experience in something new. At no time will the Intern complete any work that TriLeaf Designs is dependent upon. In other words, work that could not be completed if the Intern was not present and would require additional staff or hours if the intern had not performed the work.

Since the TriLeaf Designs' Internship is education driven, and we get no immediate advantage from the activities of the Intern, the Intern understands that at times immediate attention may not be accessible. Interns at that time are encouraged to expand their knowledge and work on items such as their student research blogs. The Intern understands that their training is insubstantial in nature and might impede on business dealings. If at any time the Intern feels more attention is required they are encouraged to talk with their Supervisor or the Founder of TriLeaf Designs, Rachel Boone.

All designs, concepts or intellectual property that comes out of the internship belongs to TriLeaf Designs and TriLeaf Designs retains all the copyrights in and to that material. With that being said, Interns are allowed and encouraged to use all projects completed during their time at TriLeaf Designs in their portfolio and use their experiences as examples in their interviews. If a project was a group collaboration it is encouraged that credit be given to team members who assisted.

In connection with the internship, the Intern will be exposed to confidential and proprietary information of TriLeaf Designs, LLC, and/ or their clients whether or not so identified. All such confidential and proprietary information shall be subject to the terms and conditions of the Non-Disclosure Agreement, which the Intern will sign prior to starting the internship.

If for any reason the internship is ended early by either party, an exit interview must be performed. All supplies and files must be returned to TriLeaf Designs before the Intern leave the premises. Failure to provide all files and supporting documentation could lead to legal action. Failure to complete the internship will be reported to the Intern's Internship Advisor.